Property Development

Urban Plus Limited has a team of experienced property professionals who apply their knowledge, experience, skill and expertise to invigorate growth and encourage development throughout Lower Hutt.  We are involved in all facets of property development from basic greenfield subdivisions to full residential home construction and sale to the market.

We also own a portfolio of rental housing.  We continue to improve and grow this rental housing portfolio through undertaking targeted development projects that are sympathetic to their surroundings, environmentally responsible and follow best-practice in design and construction.

Current Projects

 Centeral Park Render mini  

"Central Park on Copeland" Residential Housing Development

Central Park on Copeland is a 34 lot residential subdivision and housing development adjacent to the Copeland Street Reserve.  

Construction commenced April 2019.

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 The Lane West View mini2  

"The Lane - Waterloo" Residential Housing Development

This project is a 27 lot residential subdivision and housing development in the beautiful suburb of Waterloo. 

This project is currently in the planning stage.

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 126JS North West View mini    

"126 Jackson Street" Apartment Development

This project is currently on hold, pending further costings.

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Completed Projects

Avalon Park North Lot 1

"Parkview" Residential Housing Development (2019)

This project was a 24 lot subdivision and residential housing development adjacent to Avalon Park.  Construction started in July 2018.

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PD page image  

"Fairfield Waters" Residential Housing Development (2018)

Fairfield Waters was a multi-dwelling residential development on the site of the old Summit Road Nursery.  Construction was completed in June 2018. 

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994 High Street


994 High Street, Avalon (2016)

Urban Plus had two existing semi-detached units that had suffered from ground subsidence resulting in structural concerns.  Once the old buildings were removed, we were able to construct four new units on this property to the latest modern standards, providing warm, dry, highly functional homes for our tenants.

980 984 High Street  

980 - 984 High Street, Avalon (2015)

This project is another example of successful intensification within the valley floor. The four new units were constructed in the rear yard of an existing 1950's housing development, doubling the existing land utilisation.

The landscaping and access arrangements for all units were upgraded during this development to the benefit of all tenants.

18 Tirangi Road  

18 Tirangi Road, Moera (2015)

Urban Plus secured and developed this vacant section to provide four brand new one bedroom units for its housing portfolio.

Consisting of the latest building standards including double glazing, full insulation, private patio’s, decking, quality landscaping and off-street parking these units will provide warm, comfortable accommodation to our tenants for years to come.

9 Seddon Street  

9 Seddon Street, Naenae (2013)

This project involved the creation of a separate lot and construction of four new, one bedroom units.  Built to modern standards, these units are also positioned to take maximum advantage of solar gain, even in winter.

This development is well-located to the local amenities and are a welcome addition to the Urban Plus housing portfolio.

 Holland Grove Colson Street  

Hollard Grove and Colson Street, Avalon (2013)

This is another good example of quality intensification on the valley floor, in keeping with the Hutt City Council's Urban Growth Strategy.

Two new one bedroom units were constructed on an existing site to complement the existing dwellings and better utilise the land area.

Wet area bathrooms and laundries with non-slip flooring make these units a quality addition to the Urban Plus housing portfolio.

Eastbourne Bus Garage Restoration Project  

Eastbourne Bus Garage Restoration Project (2010)

Urban Plus acted as project manager for Hutt City Council for this substantial restoration project of a heritage-listed building.

The project consisted of refurbishing the building back to its original 1939 standard, retaining its use as a bus depot as well as providing for three residential flats on the first floor level with stunning harbour views.

Laura Ferguson Grove Subdivision  

Laura Ferguson Grove Subdivision (2010)

In 2010, we completed another residential subdivision of the central area of a former nursery site.  The subdivision consisted of nine fee simple general residential lots, requiring the formation of a new legal road and associated services.  The new sections were sold for private development.

Quality family homes have since been built which has added stock to the local housing supply in a highly sought-after area of Lower Hutt.

84 Bell Road Gracefield  

84 Bell Road, Gracefield (2010)

This was a complex project consisting of upgrading and intensifying an existing 22 unit housing complex.  Four new units were added during the project and all existing units were substantially refurbished and modernised.

Managing the tenant impacts and relocations was a constant priority and the outcome is something we are proud to provide our tenants.

 Korohiwa Site Muritai Road  

Korohiwa Site, Muritai Road, Eastbourne (2009)

This involved a substantial remediation project of a 3,147m2 vacant site purchased from the Hutt City Council.  The land is located 3km south of the Eastbourne Community Centre and has spectacular views across the harbour.

Once the land was confirmed suitable for residential development, it was then subdivided into five fee simple lots and sold for private development.