Meet the Team





Gary Nichols, Chief Executive Officer

T:   569 0728 

Gary has over 25 years experience in the property industry working in various hands-on and management positions in the private sector, central Government and as a self-employed consultant. He has advised major corporates on property and business strategy, managed commercial property and development projects and provided expert advice to property steering committees in various corporate environments. He also has experience in the telecommunications and electricity sectors.

He has a keen interest in making the connection between business planning & strategy, and property portfolio planning & strategy. In understanding this connection and ensuring a high level of alignment between business and property, portfolio performance improves usually with little (if any) cost impediment. Property has a significant and positive contribution to make to business.

Gary has a New Zealand Certificate in Mechanical Engineering, a Diploma in Business Studies (Property Management) and a Masters Degree in Property Studies.




Robyn Palmer, Housing Manager

T:   569 0725 

Prior to transferring to Urbanplus, Robyn had been employed with Hutt City Council since October 1987. Robyn started the role of Housing Officer for the Council in 1997, managing 186 housing units and 14 reserve houses. This function has, since 1 May 2007, become the responsibility of Urbanplus, and is still fronted by Robyn.

Robyn's property management role has included regular inspections to maintain the rental properties as clean and safe environments, and working with preferred contractors on maintenance issues on tenanted and vacated units. The management of tenancies has included: public enquiries, interviewing prospective tenants to consider appropriateness of available units and criteria, checking references, credit checks, completing tenancy agreements, bond lodgements and processing automatic payment forms.




Derek Bradley, Facilities Manager

T:   569 0727 

Derek has over 30 years' experience in the building industry with various hands-on and management roles locally and internationally in both the domestic and commercial property.

Derek has spent 16 years in a central Government role as Maintenance Contracts Manager across New Zealand's largest residential portfolio.  He has also been involved in a national property maintenance provider role as Programme Manager managing a multi-million dollar upgrade programmes.

In August 2012 Derek joined the Urbanplus team as Buildings and Property Officer with primary responsibility for the delivery of Facilities Management services to clients.

Derek is a trades Qualified as a Carpenter and Joiner.




Daniel Moriarty, Property Portfolio Manager

T:   569 0724 

Daniel has 14 years property development experience, both internationally and locally.  In the UK, Daniel works as a Site Foreman on numerous multi-million pound refurbishment and special finish projects in inner-city London.

Closer to home, Daniel worked in the commercial property sector in Wellington, where he was involved in the marketing and development aspects of commercial property for an international parking company.  He was also involved in finishing work aspects on a large scale apartment development in inner-city Wellington.

Daniel is a Victoria University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.  He joined the Urbanplus team in July 2007 and heads up property development for the company.



Toni Burrows, Buildings and Property Officer

T:   569 0721

Toni has four years personal assistant and office management experience within the Intellectual Property field.  In that time Toni has spent one year as a Personal Assistant to a Patent  Attorney and three years as a Personal Assistant/Office Manager in a Pharmaceutical company. 

For the last four years, Toni was in the role of Office Manager at Urbanplus and has recently taken on the permanent role as Buildings and Property Officer in April 2014.


Kirsty Alexander, Office Manager

T:   569 0720

Kirsty has four years of Personal Assistant experience in the Health industry.  With over seven years of Senior Administration experience in both the Health industry and one year in the NZ School system, Kirsty has taken on the full-time role at Urbanplus as the Office Manager.